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OS/2 and eComStation The Register is running a very interesting article by Dominic Connor, telling the insider story about OS/2 1.0/1.1 development in the old days. From the terrible management in IBM, to the hilarious coding practices of Microsoft, there's lots of stuff in here - and it's only part one. "The unholy alliance of IBM and Microsoft unleashed OS/2 25 years ago with a mission to replace Windows, Unix and DOS. Back then, I was a foot-soldier in that war: a contract bug hunter at Big Blue. Here's how I remember it."
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RE: IBM North Harbour
by moondevil on Fri 30th Nov 2012 15:23 UTC in reply to "IBM North Harbour"
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I used to buy Computer Shopper every month from 1994 to around 2000.

It used to be one of the best general purpose magazines to buy in Portugal and it was the only one having an alternate computing section (Acorn, Amiga, Atari).

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