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Slackware, Slax Slackware users can now run their favourite distribution on Reiser4 partitions without having to re-format other partitions first. With the new Slackware 10.2 Reiser4 Installer one can install this distribution on Reiser4 almost as easy as with the more traditional filesystems (see the screenshot). The installer is distributed as a 20MB .iso image and should to be used with the original Slackware CD set (manual included).
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Err, no, it's the silence of those who don't feel the need to preen like you on about how 31337-ly cool they are.

Unlike other 31337 hAx0r distros, or those idiotic wannabe-geeks parading about how "linux is the cool", Slackware doesn't usually grab headlines like this (nor do I usually respond to trolls like you).

Slackware "Just Works". It's for people who actually *know what they're doing*, as opposed to being able to click their way through a Windows XP-style install wizard, and then make blanket statements about how *nobody* would ever use any other distro except the one you're using.

And excuse me, "untrustworthy"? What, is Reiser4 going to dial-back to the NSA? Or are you you referring to data loss/corruption? You should be more clear (and let's not go into your grammar...*shudders*).

Reiser4 is considered stable now, and I would be more liable to trust it than trust say, a heavily-patched Nitro Gentoo kernel (nothing against Gentoo, just bad experiences with patching a Gentoo kernel to hell and back...*grins*)

Just out of curiosity, what distro do *you* use? And why? How about you justify your choices, in a logical manner instead of trolling?


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The first half of your post is very true, the other hald reeks of desperation. ;)

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