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Windows I'm back from my vacation to the US, the jetlag has mostly passed, so back to OSNews it is! So, Windows 8 has been out for only a little while, and we're already moving on to the next 'version' of Windows. Version is between quotation marks, because unlike previous releases, this doesn't appear to be the a monolithic single release. Instead, Windows Blue, as it's currently codenamed, is more of a procedural change than a technical change: Windows is moving to yearly releases for all devices - PC, tablet, phone.
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RE[3]: Window 8 universal update
by helf on Fri 30th Nov 2012 17:24 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Window 8 universal update"
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That is true. But You have the same issue with Android lacking upgrades. So the matter of WP7.x devices not getting WP8 isn't that big of an issue, imo. Granted, it sucked. I would have loved to have upgraded my HTC Arrive. But it is a new platform and MS just did not plan that out completely.

From the looks of it, WP7.x was a pilot to see how Metro would be liked as well as to get input and gauge developer like of the system and was a bit of a stop gap till they could develop the innards more.

At this point, it looks like MS has a handle on things and should probably force updates or at least keep them available for older devices, much like Apple.

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Its basically going to be somewhere between Android and Apple in terms of success. Due to the tight hardware control, it theoretically should be closer to Apple's. Win phone 7 devices not being upgraded to 8 was a shocker to me. Completely stupid.

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yeah... It really irked me. But I had just killed my HTC Arrive by getting sea water all over it, so I just moved off to an iPhone since Sprint isn't getting any WP8 phones anytime soon :/

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