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Hardware, Embedded Systems "I was prepared to write that the Windows 8 interface was forcing unnecessary touchscreen controls on people who wouldn't appreciate them, particularly if they were simply grafted onto a traditional laptop. But the more I've used Windows 8, despite its faults, the more I've become convinced that touchscreens are the future - even vertical ones." I can see his point. I, too, have often felt the desire to touch regular and laptop displays, especially when doing things like photo and video.
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Not so touchy?
by orfanum on Sat 1st Dec 2012 03:10 UTC
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I used automatically to be on the side of those who went "eww" whenever anyone spoke about touching screens. But the other day, I just found myself doing it on a 24" screen. I don't even have a tablet (although I do have a Galaxy S2). I am not saying I would want device interaction only via screen gestures but at that moment, when my monitor did nothing in response, I actually found myself verbalizing the word "dumb". Yes, it surprised me but perhaps more and more people are making this observation?

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RE: Not so touchy?
by Lion on Sat 1st Dec 2012 11:26 in reply to "Not so touchy?"
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I wish I had read (and upvoted as insightful) your comment before I posted.
While I didn't verbalise, I had a mental 'wtf?' moment when my non-touch display didn't react. I think I actually tapped the screen a second time before I realised what I was doing and felt the shame wash over me.

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RE[2]: Not so touchy?
by orfanum on Sun 2nd Dec 2012 17:06 in reply to "RE: Not so touchy?"
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Thanks for your kind words. And by the way, there is no shame ;) .

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