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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Once you've got used to it, and that the Hub is the home screen, BB10 is by some distance the most brutally efficient multitouch interface I have used so far. It makes the others look like hard work. Yes, the odds are stacked against RIM - and when it comes to the as-yet unseen hardware, it needs to pull some crackers out of the barrel. But phones sell on the user interface, and this is very good indeed." Basically how I feel about Windows Phone. Much more pleasurable and fun to use than the childish and condescending iOS, and the at times confusing and messy Android (more Holo please, developers!), but sadly, the rest of the world doesn't really care.
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BB10 looks interesting, but is it too late?
by rklrkl on Sat 1st Dec 2012 14:04 UTC
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I've got a 64GB PlayBook that's still going cheap here - mainly via the DSG franchise in the UK (in fact, it remains by far the cheapest well-known 7" tablet brand in the UK - only beaten by obscure Chinese imports) and BB10 does look quite innovative to me (and it's apparently going to be on the PlayBook as well as new BB phones).

But is it too late? BlackBerry are desperate to get devs onboard to do native apps (all sorts of inducements - money, phones etc.), but what I'd like to see is a friendlier way to get Android apps on the BB devices *including* having them appear on BB's store too (with no indication if they're Android ports or BB native - it shouldn't matter). Even if this meant eventually BB native apps died off, it would still mean the BB platform would have good chances to survive.

At the moment, you have to jump through a fair number of hoops to run Android apps and many of them don't work. Bringing in Android apps as equal class citizens to BB apps would massively improve the number one BB weakness (the lack of apps) and also probably force BB devs to drop their prices (5 pounds for Angry Birds?!).

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I keep looking at those... £130 for a 64GB tablet seems pretty sweet... but then I've played with the Playbook a few times and come away with a bad taste. It's too slow in certain respects, and I've seen (probably the older OS versions) crash hard a few times... the fact it can run some Android Apps and Adobe Air mobile apps does make it seem quite cool still...

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