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OS/2 and eComStation The Register is running a very interesting article by Dominic Connor, telling the insider story about OS/2 1.0/1.1 development in the old days. From the terrible management in IBM, to the hilarious coding practices of Microsoft, there's lots of stuff in here - and it's only part one. "The unholy alliance of IBM and Microsoft unleashed OS/2 25 years ago with a mission to replace Windows, Unix and DOS. Back then, I was a foot-soldier in that war: a contract bug hunter at Big Blue. Here's how I remember it."
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RE: IBM North Harbour
by zima on Sun 2nd Dec 2012 09:23 UTC in reply to "IBM North Harbour"
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Never knew we Brits had so much to do with OS/2's development, makes me almost proud.

Reminded me about one Wiki article: - perhaps you Brits had also some influence on the look & feel of pre-95 Windows (plus, apparently, of Win 3.x descends from OS/2)

Though I suppose those bits of info, if factual, wouldn't do so well at making you almost proud... ;)

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RE[2]: IBM North Harbour
by henderson101 on Mon 3rd Dec 2012 12:36 in reply to "RE: IBM North Harbour"
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Oh god, we are potentially in danger of getting in to a "RISCOS invented the..." discussion here.. British fantasy computer design at its best! ;-)

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RE[3]: IBM North Harbour
by zima on Mon 3rd Dec 2012 12:49 in reply to "RE[2]: IBM North Harbour"
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RISCOS invented the pointer which shows, by changing its inner colour, if "wait for 2nd click in double-click" is still active? ;) (I really like this one little gem; and come on, there must be more... ;> )

What I really wonder about "British fantasy computer design": why so many computers with rubber keyboards or even - the horror - in yoghurt-style cases? (Jupiter Ace)

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