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Gifts, Contests, Easter Eggs I need everybody's help. I was selected as a finalist for the local science museum's contest to identify the innovation that I would most like to see invented and create a small exhibit about it. I put in a huge amount of effort to make a very well researched and prepared presentation, and even built a kid-friendly museum exhibit and presentation to illustrate my idea. The winner gets a trip to Italy. But get this: it turns out the winner is going to be determined by an easy-to-game online poll. So I feel like an idiot for spending so much effort, because the person with the most Facebook friends is going to win. Please help me fight for justice for voting for my project. (It's project #1). Update: Somebody was stuffing the ballot box, so they enabled some fig-leaf anti-cheating protections and reset the vote.
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RE: How pointless
by mistersoft on Sun 2nd Dec 2012 22:11 UTC in reply to "How pointless"
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depends how massively your stretching the truth with your definition of nano-robotics.. hmm. a lab i used to work in worked on a lot of nano bioengineering projects
making nano wires with using wire shaped viral capsids as scaffolds, re-engineering more simple MS2 like viral capsids as drug delivery capsules, simple self assembling dna based circuits, re-engineered ribozymes and riboswitches as molecular circuit breakers and molecular sensors respectively. also, in another lab cancer cell target genetically modified viruses (as targetted chemotherapeutics basically) ...afaik those types of projects are the nearest we are so far to even nanoscale 'effectors' let alone 'robots' .i'm not counting mutation enzymes with modified function either. as for anything afm, optical tweezer based or similar..........well make for some pretty demonstrations or some useful single molecule measurements, but again, different ballparks.

eric drexler has a lot to answer for! literal molecular scale repair robots, even for dna let alone anything else .not going to happen.. much more targetted medicines and repairs...........yeah, sure -10 to 20 years

ps the work in that RSC link is very analogous to prostate cancer GIANT project utilizing engineered adenovirus to specifically ONLY target prostate cancer cells -a different approach but v similar result. Targetted aptamers conjoined to chemotherapeutic containing secondary aptamers domains (eg holding cisplatin analogues say) also achieves similar results

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