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Windows Desktop users deserve a significant rethink of the Windows 8 gaffes and omissions for the next version of Windows, writes InfoWorld's Woody Leonhard, offering 10 must-have features for Windows 9. From a "Get out of hell" modal dialog to prevent unwanted jumping to Metro, to a Control Panel that actually controls the kinds of things you would want a Control Panel to control, it's 'due time we diehards speak out.' What's your feedback for the Windows dev team as it puts together its Windows 9 (or "Windows Blue"?) specs.
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Comment by Yehppael
by Yehppael on Tue 4th Dec 2012 09:03 UTC
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Last time I used Windows for more than a few minutes was XP ~5 years ago. Played around Vista a little when it came out on a laptop that had it as the default OS.

I've used Linux for a while, and I have to say, I'm laughing my ass off reading all these comments. Especially for this particular article, which completely misses the point, though, one user came close, when comparing Gnome 3 with Microsoft.

Microsoft does what Microsoft wants. Their primary motivation is Money (to emphasize the importance). I'm not saying they're some greedy evil corporation, only that they're a FOR PROFIT organization. Making money is the reason for their existence.

Gnome isn't only Gnome 3, there's also the Gnome 2 forks, Gnome Cinnamon, Unity, choices which Windows users will never have.

So, please stop comparing the two, it's insulting. Not just to the users, but to the developers who work on them in their free time.

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RE: Comment by Yehppael
by lucas_maximus on Tue 4th Dec 2012 12:09 in reply to "Comment by Yehppael"
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Except that it is pretty much redhat developers that have produced a lot of Gnome.

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