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BeOS & Derivatives "Haiku, the open source re-creation of BeOS, threatens to become 'The Duke Nukem of operating systems', joked long-time contributor Ryan Leavengood. Actually, after eleven years of development, Haiku still falls four years short of Duke Nukem Forever's long delay, but few other projects have been so long in development. However, with the recent release of Alpha 4.1, Haiku is at last nearing general release." 2013 is going to be very exciting for Haiku.
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RE: Haiku v. Duke Nukem Forever
by Phucked on Fri 7th Dec 2012 05:30 UTC in reply to "Haiku v. Duke Nukem Forever"
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The main difference between Haiku and Duke Nukem Forever is that the former has given us code to run (and even contribute to!) all along, while the latter was nothing but screenshots and promises. It's not even close.

Duke Nukem Forever was released last year bub.

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I think you missed the point; it's not about the release date but about the openness of the release process.

I feel that comparing the two projects is a bit illogical anyway; one is a well documented, wide open hobby OS based on a niche OS that was way ahead of its time. The other was a great game in its original incarnation, but the half-assed attempt to make a proper sequel was a mysterious 15 year torture session for the fans.

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