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OSNews, Generic OSes With computers now shipping with UEFI Secure Boot enabled, users of any OS other than Windows 8 will want to know how to circumvent it. Jesse Smith of DistroWatch tells how he did it here. The Linux Foundation describes its approach here. If you want to boot an OS other than Windows 8, you'll want to figure this out before you buy that new computer.
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RE[9]: Comment by kaiwai
by kaiwai on Sun 9th Dec 2012 14:41 UTC in reply to "RE[8]: Comment by kaiwai"
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Yes, but this is what the community was discussing all along when it was announced.

As always there were the cries of saying that some people were exaggerating, well now reality proves once again, how true those warnings were.

How is it Microsoft's fault that the community are too lazy to actually find out what the certification process actually means? nothing has been proven other than a buggy firmware can result in an end user with a non-Microsoft operating system having a crappy time. Sorry but join the line of pissed off end users who have buggy firmware resulting in them having a 'bad time'.

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