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BeOS & Derivatives "Haiku, the open source re-creation of BeOS, threatens to become 'The Duke Nukem of operating systems', joked long-time contributor Ryan Leavengood. Actually, after eleven years of development, Haiku still falls four years short of Duke Nukem Forever's long delay, but few other projects have been so long in development. However, with the recent release of Alpha 4.1, Haiku is at last nearing general release." 2013 is going to be very exciting for Haiku.
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I think a mouse-over effect will be helpful...
--The loon
(off to implement a mouse-over effect)

I wonder, how about implementing "show on the pointer if it still waits for 2nd click during double-click"? (to get an idea, run RISC OS: ...that pointer function is pretty much its only redeeming quality ;) - would be a shame if it didn't live on in some more viable OS; and I guess it can help with overall discoverability, it would certainly do so on the few occasions when I was training computer-illiterate people in the use of a GUI OS & mouse)

Though, now that I think about it, I don't remember if BeOS/Haiku even use double-clicking ;) (and no time ATM to check in a VM)

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