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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Calling themselves Phoenix International Communications - a name that references the mythical bird that emerged from the ashes of its predecessor - the group aims to raise enough money to produce and sell a smartphone running an open-source version of webOS perhaps by late 2013." Like Jolla, I have the hope - just not the expectations.
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by kurkosdr on Tue 11th Dec 2012 11:21 UTC
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The only thing that _might_ save them, _if_ they can make the hardware, would be a compatibility layer that allowed Android applications to run unmodified. This, of couse, is doable, but requires a bit of an effort.

Quoted for truth. The most annoying consequence of various OS makers announcing that "our appstore has X thousand apps" is that it gives people (and pundits) the illusion good app ecosystems can be built easily. Unfortunately.. not.

Just look what it took for Android to get an app ecosystem that isn't crap. Hence, any open source OS that isn't entirely HTML5 based (aka Firefox OS) needs to have an Android compatibility layer. And since the thing is just a modified JVM and some C libraries (for native code produced by the NDK), what is taking them so long? My guess is that those alternative open source OSes want to have "their" ecosystem that is different from Android's, aka they want to compete with Android instead of working with it, which is why those OSes don't have many chances (unless they provide said Android compatibility layer, of course).

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by Moochman on Tue 11th Dec 2012 12:39 in reply to "Re:"
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Sailfish and BlackBerry 10 both include Android app support out of the box. BlackBerry requires the apps to be packaged, submitted and certified separately for the BB store, but IMHO that makes sense since otherwise there's no ensuring that half the functionality won't be broken due to missing OS hooks.

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