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Slackware, Slax Slackware users can now run their favourite distribution on Reiser4 partitions without having to re-format other partitions first. With the new Slackware 10.2 Reiser4 Installer one can install this distribution on Reiser4 almost as easy as with the more traditional filesystems (see the screenshot). The installer is distributed as a 20MB .iso image and should to be used with the original Slackware CD set (manual included).
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As a Slackware user, I don't care to use reiser4. My current FS does everything I need. Just like the rest of Slackware. It works great, fast & it's stable. If someone else wishes to try reiser4, that's cool, each to his own. To bad whiny children take so long to mature & realize that. Then there wouldn't be so many trash posts on sites like this.

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