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Windows So, last night, Windows Phone 8 got its first update - specifically for the HTC 8X. In this day and age, where iOS is the gold standard and shows the industry how it ought to be done, and Android is the exact opposite, Windows Phone 7 was a bit of an in-between - every phone got every update, but the staggered rollout was slow and frustrating, often due to carrier meddling. How will Windows Phone 8 fare?
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RE[9]: Nexus Line
by Nelson on Thu 13th Dec 2012 10:28 UTC in reply to "RE[8]: Nexus Line"
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WP7 is even dead for Nokia. Lots of there last apps only work on WP8. Since WP8 apps not work on WP7 in general and since most including Microsoft gave up on WP7 to promote WP8 the WP7 app store gets close to no new apps at all. No maintaing. As of today its a ghost town. If you not see that you are not using a WP7 device. But no problem, the huge majority does not :-)

Name some of them? I assume you can come up with concrete examples of WP7 being left behind, right?

Except you can't, because you're making it up.

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