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Google "Google Sync was designed to allow access to Google Mail, Calendar and Contacts via the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol. With the recent launch of CardDAV, Google now offers similar access via IMAP, CalDAV and CardDAV, making it possible to build a seamless sync experience using open protocols. Starting January 30, 2013, consumers won't be able to set up new devices using Google Sync; however, existing Google Sync connections will continue to function." Others are free to implement the open protocols.
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RE: well good to hear
by tylerdurden on Sat 15th Dec 2012 01:03 UTC in reply to "well good to hear"
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As long as they don't "embrace and extend" said protocols with proprietary capabilities, like other companies have been known to do.

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RE[2]: well good to hear
by sukru on Sat 15th Dec 2012 01:08 in reply to "RE: well good to hear"
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Like their IMAP implementation, which broke a lot of Windows Phones last week...

They maintain a custom IMAP protocol, which they use to access special functions, for example: contacts synchronization. There is discussion of the whole thing at wpcentral:

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RE[3]: well good to hear
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Sat 15th Dec 2012 03:28 in reply to "RE[2]: well good to hear"
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How dare Google not license Microsofts protocol and adopt open standards supported by the majority of mobile devices!

Oh wait, that's a good thing. Never mind.

FYI, CalDav is not proprietary,

If this is an attack on microsoft, they could easily counter by just embracing standards.

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RE[3]: well good to hear
by wojtek on Sat 15th Dec 2012 09:01 in reply to "RE[2]: well good to hear"
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Yeah, their IMAP is sooo brooken that I cannot use any of the IMAP client I tested...oh, wait - it works!

Let's now switch roles - can I use IMAP (or any other open *useful* protocol) to access MS mailbox? There was pop3 (tho, in premium!) but it's not so convenient and if you wanted semblance of the IMAP you HAD to use stupid MS protocols that forced you to use stupid MS implementations of those (MSOE).

1:0 for google. Even if they extend open protocols then allow at least basic access to general clients (take xmpp for example)

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