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Windows "Does Windows Phone need Google and its services to be successful? No. The fate of Windows Phone and its adoption in the marketplace does not rest in the hands of Google. Microsoft itself holds the key to Windows Phone becoming a successful platform, rapid evolution of its cloud services and integration with the rest of the MS eco system." Good editorial on Google killing AES support for consumers and how it affects Windows Phone, by WPCentral's Robert Brand.
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Well, he's right about one thing
by darknexus on Mon 17th Dec 2012 12:41 UTC
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No one but Microsoft can turn Windows Phone around. I hope they do, but I don't think management is able to change the way they see both the market and their company. They continue to act like they're the big boys, and are absolutely failing to realize that they can't depend on being the dominant player in the mobile space. Their majority market share on desktops and laptops isn't going to magically put them at the top. They need to work for it, something they haven't had to do in at least fifteen years and this time, unlike with traditional X86-based PCs, they actually have real competitors that produce viable mobile platforms of their own, and produced them first. They're the underdog here, and they'd better realize that fairly quickly or risk utter failure.

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By far the most sensible comment on this article, and I think you're spot on the money. While using Windows as a vehicle to bootstrap their ecosystem gives them a fighting chance, a lot of it will have to come from them.

Execution could be a little bit better, and it will get better, but that, along with the tides of the market will give way to a stronger position to Microsoft. It runs contrary to logic for some people to suggest it won't eventually be the third ecosystem, simply because no one else has pockets as deep and a resolve as unshakable. Microsoft recognizes how vital this is to their long term sustainability, and will do what they always do, claw their way into a market.

People told Microsoft to dump Xbox after the first gen console too. These things take time.

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