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Graphics, User Interfaces "In this article I'm going to talk about what flat design is, review what other designers are saying about it, and offer some tips on how to achieve it in your own designs." I give you one attempt to guess which 'design aesthetic' the next version of OSNews is inspired by. And yes, we will eventually get it done.
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by marcp on Tue 18th Dec 2012 10:42 UTC
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I'm doing flat-design from the start of my computing experience, which is dated back to the early 90's. I never really cared for the "pseudo-3D" interfaces, actually, and I always thought of it as of something ridiculously complicated, obfuscated and skeumorphic. It's funny to observe that sudden move away from that kind of "3d-like" UI concepts that many companies are starting to make. It's like "hey, look how simple this interface can look like! We've invented this cool, new trend called [flat]!". Uhm, no, not at all. It was actually flat at the start [but because it was hard to create an imitation of 3D reality, not for the practical reasons of being flat], but then you destroyed it by trying to imitate our 3D reality. I never understood why exactly I would want to have 3D desktop, 3D "windows" and other "3D" stuff in a 2D environment, which is actually about getting things done in virtual, not "real" [in a sense of a 3D reality] way.
Not it's just a big trend to go flat. Same could be observed with things like tablets. We had them long before Apple produced its first one. Phones - same thing.

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