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Legal Lots of news about Apple vs. Samsung (and vice versa) in both the US and Europe today. In the US, judge Koh dealth two blows: one to Samsung (no retrial based on juror misconduct), the other to Apple (no permanent sales ban). In Europe, in the meantime, Samsung announced it will cease all lawsuits injunction requests against Apple... But only in Europe.
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"Groklaw - currently being recognized as one of the top 100 law blogs, one of the top 10 technology law blogs, by ABA Journal (

Hmmm...I think I'll go with Groklaw.

A bunch of groklaw fans voted in an online poll. Woopty-doo.

You do realize that Groklaw fans could not simply get Groklaw into that list as they have little to do with ABA Journal. Rather ABA Journal first selected Groklaw for that list based on the quality of the material at Groklaw in their opinion - one that more reflects the legal community than merely Groklaw "fans".

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They got on the final list via online poll (i.e. useless); they were selected for consideration because the audience of one of the very few technology/law blogs is certainly the loudest.

I see no evidence that the ABA selection proves that PJ is more correct than Florian or that groklaw is free of FUD or errors.

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