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Microsoft Microsoft has just responded to Google's move regarding Exchange ActiveSync. Sadly, instead of addressing the very real problems consumers are about to face, Microsoft starts talking about switching to
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RE: People have got the wrong idea
by NeoX on Tue 18th Dec 2012 23:59 UTC in reply to "People have got the wrong idea"
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Agree with you here. This is just another crummy who cares about the customer move by google. They have done this plenty of times by dropping services and access to many other technologies that people got used to before. And they historically do not give you any transition time. A month is a joke.

I love this part of the headlined article:

It seems like Microsoft still thinks it's the number one technology company, with the ability to dictate the industry. Those days are gone, and Microsoft will have to learn to adopt other people's technologies - without being forced.

My question is isn't Google the new Microsoft? Are they not trying to dictate the industry by making these moves? Or is it ok because they like to use Open Standards? If EAS is in place and fills a need for a customer who cares if it is closed source.

I really don't get it. Google is acting just like MS here and no one seems to see it...

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Or is it ok because they like to use Open Standards?

Yes. It's certainly infinitely better, certainly.

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