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Internet & Networking "Everyone from CNET to the BBC is freaking out today about Instagram's new terms of service. The new terms, they claim, allow Instagram to sell user's images. Users are understandably upset. Wired published a tutorial on how to download all of your Instagram photos and delete your account. But long-time Instagram users should think twice before pulling the trigger. The truth is that Instagram has always claimed full rights to your images, but has just re-worded their terms of service to make their intentions clearer." People should stop obsessing over individual service's privacy terms. There's a very simple rule on the internet that everyone ought to be aware of: the moment you put something on the web, it's no longer your property. Deal with it. Coincidentally: nobody cares about your stupid Instagram photos.
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Comment by n0b0dy
by n0b0dy on Wed 19th Dec 2012 19:24 UTC
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Guys, the internet is much like television or the radio. Who was there to prevent people with recorders from recording music or movies? Hey, they say it's copyright. Hell, if you recorded the credits, it absolutely says it, right there! But you still recorded, and watched and copied for a friend.
Same things can and will happen to anything you post on line, legal or not, whether you like it or not. Tough luck, it's called a reality check.

Consider this, I have your instagram pictures, I mixed them all together to create something which I sold. Your pictures are part of it, very very obviously so. Yes, yours too, more than one. I'm making big $$$ as you read these lines. Now go ahead, try finding out who I am, where I am from, what's the product and how much money I've made. Or whatever information is deemed enough to sue me, then take me to court. I dare you, I double dare you. You'll be spending so much time and money. But you're right! But it's yours, but it's specifically and clearly stated! But nobody gives a rats arse. It's that simple. If still in doubt, try some torrents.

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