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Qt Digia, Qt's new owner, has announced the release of version 5 of the framework. "Key benefits of Qt 5 include: graphics quality; performance on constrained hardware; cross-platform portability; support for C++11; HTML5 support with QtWebKit 2; a vastly improved QML engine with new APIs; ease of use and compatibility with Qt 4 versions."
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RE: Ship that mofo
by Carewolf on Wed 19th Dec 2012 23:20 UTC in reply to "Ship that mofo"
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Damn good show getting that puppy groomed and shipped; let the puppy pies of technical marvel flood the gray eateries of dystopia.

Uhh, puppies - how Qt!

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RE[2]: Ship that mofo
by Nth_Man on Thu 20th Dec 2012 15:47 in reply to "RE: Ship that mofo"
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For people that doesn't speak English too much: the pronunciation of "cute" is the same as the pronunciation of "Qt".

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RE[3]: Ship that mofo
by phoenix on Thu 20th Dec 2012 20:27 in reply to "RE[2]: Ship that mofo"
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Not really. One syllable versus two.

cute != queue-tee

I've never met a single person who actuallly says "cute" when talking about "Qt".

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