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Legal "Samsung's move to drop all requests for injunctions against Apple in Europe may not be enough to escape sanctions from the European Commission over the alleged abuse of its standards essential patents. EC Vice President Joaquin Almunia said during a press conference on Thursday in Brussels that his office will continue with its investigation against Samsung and will release a 'statement of objections' within the coming weeks."
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The hypocrisy of the European Commission
by ozonehole on Fri 21st Dec 2012 00:54 UTC
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Could this situation be any more unreal? Apple starts all these dubious legal shenanigans, and Samsung is under investigation by the EC for trying to defend itself by using patents.

The biggest hypocrisy rests with the EC, which has pushed hard for software patents, and was only stopped by the European Parliament.

Maybe it is time to do away with the EC. This corrupt unelected body of bureaucrats routinely overrides the national interest of individual countries in the EU. The EC does nothing but create chaos that the courts and EP have to clean up. Is the EC good for anything?

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Well, Apple's dubious law suits doesn't make Samsung's dubious move to countersue using FRAND patents legitimate. I mean there are patents protecting genuine inventions (not something like Amazon's one-click), and if Samsung's tactics are allowed, other companies holding FRAND patents on essential standards could have leveraged their patents to get those intellectual properties without any compensations to the inventors

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In a matter of days, OSNews commenters have proposed the US rewrite its Constitution and about 3 or 4 Constitutional Amendments to do away with jury trials and now the complete elimination of the EC -- just to get favorable court decisions for Samsung.

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Even RIM has taken a license from Nokia. The only ones not wanting to play ball are Samsung and Motorola.

Both coincidentally are abusing FRAND. Sometimes I wish the idiots on these comments would get their wish, and every company with a FRAND commitment would be allowed to violate it.

It would make all of their precious open standards useless overnight.

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