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Syllable, AtheOS As the Syllable project predicted many years ago, version 3 of the REBOL programming language has finally been open sourced, under the Apache 2 licence (screenshot on Syllable Desktop). Also, the alpha version of the high-level Red programming language, supporting Syllable Desktop, has been released, by now in version 0.3.1 (screenshot, demo program, video at the Science Park in Amsterdam).
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by Kaj-de-Vos on Fri 21st Dec 2012 00:57 UTC in reply to "REBOL"
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No, you can just add parentheses, as I showed.

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by satsujinka on Fri 21st Dec 2012 02:44 in reply to "REBOL"
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Which in a nitpicky sense is rearranging. However, I meant more that if "3*2+1" is the preferred pattern and I'm writing "1+2*3" then I'll be rearranging all the time.

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by Kaj-de-Vos on Fri 21st Dec 2012 13:36 in reply to "REBOL"
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In your head, yes. But that's exactly what programming is: rearranging thoughts all the time.

Many of the people who use REBOL have strong math backgrounds. They're not hindered by REBOL's precedence rules. In fact, REBOL has a math-like elegance to it.

One way to look at it is that a math background should make you a more flexible thinker. When you start a math assignment, you first have to define the rules of the system in which you will calculate. Different math systems have quite different rules. It shouldn't be a big stretch to define different rules for operator precedence.

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