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PC-BSD PC-BSD 9.1 has been released. "The PC-BSD team is pleased to announce that version 9.1 is now available! This release includes many exciting new features and enhancements, such as a vastly improved system installer, ZFS 'Boot Environment' support, TrueOS (a FreeBSD based server with additional power-user utilities), and much more!" PC-BSD 9.1 is based on the soon-to-be released FreeBSD 9.1-RELEASE with several enhancements, including an updated installer, better ZFS support during installation, bug fixes and new GUI configuration/administrative utilities.
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RE[5]: No live DVD?
by Doc Pain on Sat 22nd Dec 2012 06:17 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: No live DVD?"
Doc Pain
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My main problem with PC-BSD has always been its way of packaging programs, Windows-style, with everything needed for a package contained within the package.

You can use the native FreeBSD methods of installing software from the ports collection (from source) or from binary packages; port management tools such as portmaster can be used. Still this method does not "play 100 % nice" with PBI which is the preferred method of installation on PC-BSD. But if you want to get rid of (old-fashioned) manual downloading and handholding, there's a CLI tool for PBI installations (which includes the abilty of scripting and automating processes). PBI offers easy binary methods of installing and updating your software through a centralized control mechanism while providing decentralized entry ways for software. Users who do not want to deal with the "complicated" ports collection will probably find PBI easier to use, and professional users can still rely on efficient tools.

Good for eliminating dependencies (duplicates), but not for conserving disk space, unfortunately.

There's an excuse, erm... reason for that: disks are huge and cheap today. :-)

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RE[6]: No live DVD?
by NuxRo on Sat 22nd Dec 2012 12:13 in reply to "RE[5]: No live DVD?"
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Mine is small and expensive (SSD).

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RE[6]: No live DVD?
by UltraZelda64 on Sat 22nd Dec 2012 20:13 in reply to "RE[5]: No live DVD?"
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There's an excuse, erm... reason for that: disks are huge and cheap today. :-)

I completely disagree with this logic and see that as no excuse. It is still a limited resource (and probably always will be; as drive capacities increase, so will file size), I actually paid for it, and I always attempt to conserve such resources. I'm no fan of waste, especially when it comes to shared computer resources.

That said, I do realize that in the case of PC-BSD, they did it for what IMO was an acceptable reason, so it's... well, acceptable. Still goes against my preferences though.

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