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Window Managers In the final years of my high school career, more concerned with going out and drinking three times a week than with actually doing anything meaningful at my supposedly posh gymnasium, I rediscovered my love for computing - a love lost during the onset of aforementioned going out and drinking. Realising I would hit university soon, I saved up 2000 guilders, ordered the parts for a brand-new computer, and thanks to this then state-of-the-art computer, old flames were rekindled. Since this pun is burning a hole in my pocket - it was an enlightening experience.
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however the developer of Bohdi Linux is a massive blowhard.

Care to expand on that? What makes Jeff a "blowhard"?

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lucas_maximus Member since:

Just look at his blog.

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I've seen his blog. I don't understand your point. What, specifically, makes him a "blowhard"?

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