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Syllable, AtheOS As the Syllable project predicted many years ago, version 3 of the REBOL programming language has finally been open sourced, under the Apache 2 licence (screenshot on Syllable Desktop). Also, the alpha version of the high-level Red programming language, supporting Syllable Desktop, has been released, by now in version 0.3.1 (screenshot, demo program, video at the Science Park in Amsterdam).
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RE[10]: Comment by cipri
by henderson101 on Mon 24th Dec 2012 14:55 UTC in reply to "RE[9]: Comment by cipri"
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Oh, and when you say that yo're making it for you, talk about sitting on the shoulders of Giants!! You seem to have done very little that has actually improved the operating system, your work seems to consist mainly of Window dressing. Paper over the cracks and sell the house... nice strategy.

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