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Syllable, AtheOS As the Syllable project predicted many years ago, version 3 of the REBOL programming language has finally been open sourced, under the Apache 2 licence (screenshot on Syllable Desktop). Also, the alpha version of the high-level Red programming language, supporting Syllable Desktop, has been released, by now in version 0.3.1 (screenshot, demo program, video at the Science Park in Amsterdam).
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RE[14]: Comment by cipri
by demetrioussharpe on Tue 25th Dec 2012 19:50 UTC in reply to "RE[13]: Comment by cipri"
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You have a very selective memory. Do you call this staying quiet?

There are many others like it. Be a man and get your own fork to work, instead of bashing Syllable and me to hide your own incompetence.

So, you're trying to use this as some kind of proof? A person defending himself from being dragged into bullshit that's got YOU at the center of it? Your weak attempt is laughable. Every single time you attempt to drag us into your shit, we'll defend ourselves & out you as the poser that you so clearly are. As far as getting my own fork, why don't you get your own OS? You talk a big game in public, but all of us who were in the Syllable community know that you basically hijacked & siderailed Syllable's development. You claim it as your own, but you've done virtually NOTHING to the actual OS itself. So, it looks like Ciprian was absolutely correct. As far as my own fork, I'm already a core developer of a fork, why would I fork it again?

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