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OSNews, Generic OSes Now that the holidays are upon us (happy holidays!) and the year is about to end, we at OSNews thought it time to finally lift the veil a little bit on the next version of OSNews - OSNews 5. I've hinted at this next version of OSNews here and there in the comments, but we think it's time to make it all a little bit more official by taking in some initial feedback.
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RE: Night Nina...
by Thom_Holwerda on Wed 26th Dec 2012 01:06 UTC in reply to "Night Nina..."
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Question: No longer categories for up/down-voting??

I'd like to see them go (they're pointless), but we haven't really talked about it.

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RE[2]: Night Nina...
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Wed 26th Dec 2012 15:23 in reply to "RE: Night Nina..."
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My mistake I thought you meant getting rid of moderation. Ignore that inaccurate mod then. It was meant to be ironic.

Edited 2012-12-26 15:25 UTC

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RE[2]: Night Nina...
by kejar31 on Wed 26th Dec 2012 17:54 in reply to "RE: Night Nina..."
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I think that would be a mistake as the up-vote and down-vote allow's people who don't comment to feel involved.

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RE[3]: Night Nina...
by Spiron on Thu 27th Dec 2012 08:21 in reply to "RE[2]: Night Nina..."
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They're not talking about the actual voting, just the list of words that you get when you click the button. This would make it a simple Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down

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