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by sb56637 on Wed 26th Dec 2012 06:13 UTC
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Drupal is an _excellent_ choice. It's my CMS of choice for all my sites.

The biggest downside of Drupal is that most of the coolest functionality comes from third party modules that are often not available for the newer releases. For that reason. I'm still stuck on Drupal 6 for several sites.

What editor are you using for the inline commenting? Looks pretty good. Have you considered using a markup language like Textile ( ) or Markdown ( ) instead of bbcode or plain HTML? Textile and Markdown are simple and intuitive and powerful at the same time.

The cool thing about Drupal is that you can let users pick the theme they want. You could probably offer a light and a dark theme as a user choice.

Drupal offers an incredible amount of functionality, which means that it also can get pretty heavy, especially in terms of SQL queries. Fortunately, it has a staggering number of cache system plugins that can drastically decrease load on the SQL server.

I've written several articles about the pros and cons of Drupal, together with some configuration tips that I have personally used on my own site. (Shameless plug: The URL is in my profile here on OSNews.)

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