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Apple "According to Chinese gadget news site Tech.163, Apple may be in the process of developing its own smart watch that connects to your Apple devices via Bluetooth. Based on the report, Intel will be working with Apple to create the smart watch, with a 1.5-inch PMOLED display made by RiTDisplays with ITO-coated glass." It must be the holiday lull. I'm this close to putting this in the joke category.
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RE[2]: Comment by MOS6510
by MOS6510 on Fri 28th Dec 2012 11:19 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by MOS6510"
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I like the Metawatch's display (nice retro and very clear and easy to read), but I'm not to fond of the strap, I prefer metal. Also the bezel is a bit large, rather they used it for a larger display. A very good thing is it being water resistant.

But if I buy a smart watch it needs to connect to Nike+. When I go running I carry my iPhone in an armband and it's not easy to keep running while taking it out, looking at it and putting it back.

It would be great if you could use your watch to talk with your car, although Apple haters will claim prior art as they had it in the 80's and even based a TV series on it.

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RE[3]: Comment by MOS6510
by novad on Fri 28th Dec 2012 12:37 in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by MOS6510"
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I agree with you about the usage you could make with such a watch but want to answer your "Apple haters" comment.

First there is prior art for "smart watches" and not only in TV shows. If Apples implementation differs a bit it's not a revolution... It's simply a new implementation... Nothing more.

I think in this kind of situation Apple fanboys (And Apple itself) are worse as they will claim it's Apples invention and that everybody else who makes a watch that works with electricity copied them (The proof is there... Look at the patent XXXX where Apple "invented" the usage of electricity to accomplish intelligent tasks in a device attached to a body)

As always... Sorry for my English... It's really not my first language :-)

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RE[4]: Comment by MOS6510
by MOS6510 on Fri 28th Dec 2012 12:46 in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by MOS6510"
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Your English is fine!

Actually it was a small joke and a reference to Knight Rider.

If Apple comes up with a watch and loads of people buy it they will probably claim to have re-invented the smart watch or kickstarted the industry. I don't think they will claim to have actually come up with the idea, nor did they do that with the iPad and iPhone. They will patent stuff and might sue others.

Fact is that smart watches are already amongst us and have been for years, but they aren't mainstream and Apple could make that happen like they did with tablets. That would probably be good for any smart watch maker as it will cause people to look for them and check them out. If Apple proves there is money to be made the innovation will take off.

But it's tricky. if Apple makes an expensive watch I don't think many people would buy one. Why pay a lot for an iPhone and then a lot for not having to take it out of your pocket? If Apple makes a cheap watch they will sell lots, but not make much money. Apple can probably make a lot of stuff that will sell, but it won't earn them much money so they don't.

Then again, they don't make a lot on their accessories and an iWatch could be seen as one.

Until there is an Apple watch in the stores it's all speculation anyway.

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