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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Engadget got to play with Salfish. "Overall, we came away reasonably impressed with Sailfish OS, despite experiencing only a fraction of its functionality. Performance was decent considering the N950's relatively modest single-core underpinnings - then again, MeeGo's no slouch either."
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RE: I like it
by No it isnt on Sun 30th Dec 2012 01:11 UTC in reply to "I like it"
No it isnt
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I would guess it integrates IM fairly well, since it's a fork of Meego and Meego uses telepathy, just like Gnome and other desktops. At least Google Talk/XMPP works just fine, and support for things like Windows Live Messenger can be added with a plug-in.

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RE[2]: I like it
by shmerl on Sun 30th Dec 2012 03:41 in reply to "RE: I like it"
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I'm not sure if there will be support for XMPP/Jingle out of the box. The last open source project that was working on XMPP/Jingle for Meego (Peregrine) seems to be dead:

Telepathy and Farstream are good frameworks, but someone should still write the client UI.

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RE[3]: I like it
by No it isnt on Sun 30th Dec 2012 11:46 in reply to "RE[2]: I like it"
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Surely Sailfish OS will have a client UI for SMS. Integrating the other IM protocols into that is what the N9 does.

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