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Games "We just licked the stamps and waved a fond farewell to 1200 OUYA Developer Consoles. These are the early versions of OUYA that developers will use to start making games. They're on their way to developers around the globe - by land, air and sea. OK, only by air - we want you to get them quick. Devs, expect them on your doorstep within the next few days." The SDK has been released as well.
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by Casey99 on Sun 30th Dec 2012 02:00 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: OUYA"
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No, it won't. A trial is plenty of time to see if you really want the game or not. Piracy has never killed a platform - it's been rampant on the PC since day one and PCs are still here and stronger than ever. Most developers see piracy for what it is - free advertising. I hate when people claim piracy killed the Dreamcast when nothing could be further from the truth. People keep using it because it's the ONLY example that people won't laugh off instantly... it takes them a little research before they finally laugh it off.

Please, let that tired lie die! No one is concerned about piracy except big legacy media distributors. Those dinosaurs need to go extinct already and leave the rest of us to get on with life. >.>

Never before has there been a platform that was designed from the ground up to easy to hack. And like it or not, those dinosaurs are the driving force of the industry and not having them on board will kill the OUYA to the general public.

I never said piracy was the reason for the Dreamcast's demise, but it would simply be incorrect to say it did not contribute. Despite the GD-Rom, pirating Dreamcast games is unbelievably easy and it did have a major impact on developers opinions of the Dreamcast.

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by KrustyVader on Sun 30th Dec 2012 03:05 in reply to "RE[4]: OUYA"
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Easy to hack?. You forgot OpenPandora.

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by henderson101 on Mon 31st Dec 2012 10:05 in reply to "RE[5]: OUYA"
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But to get a half decent Pandora, you are looking at the price of a reasonable Laptop. I looked a few weeks ago and the cheapest model was ~€249, but with a major warning about only buying it for underpowered usage, the other two were over €400 and for the ultimate over €660. I'm not even sure it that included VAT, certainly didn't include shipping. Those prices are kind of insane when you see how cheap the Nexus 7 is in comparison. I've no idea if the specs are comparable, but it seems disproportionate. I mainly want to play PS1 and older console games, so I'm honestly better off hacking a PSP 3000 to run homebrew. I already own one, but it was about half the price. The Pandora obviously can run a full desktop Linux, but I've done that in the past (Zaurus and Angstrom on an old HP WINCE, as well as N800/N810) and it's no more useful that owning a tablet and using that for "work".

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by zima on Thu 3rd Jan 2013 20:29 in reply to "RE[5]: OUYA"
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OpenPandora which never really went anywhere, was DOA as a console.

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