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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Engadget got to play with Salfish. "Overall, we came away reasonably impressed with Sailfish OS, despite experiencing only a fraction of its functionality. Performance was decent considering the N950's relatively modest single-core underpinnings - then again, MeeGo's no slouch either."
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Looks great
by Nelson on Sun 30th Dec 2012 06:58 UTC
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To me, Sailfish looks fantastic. I think it has potential and I really dig the startup-esque environment they seemed to be working under.

I'm not so sure about their prospects though, and I haven't seen in-house Jolla devices yet so their hardware engineering chops are unproven in my mind for now.

But if the planets align and they get the execution off without a hitch, I could probably see Sailfish going somewhere, if only by virtue of being the last "pure" Linux OS left.

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