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Apple "According to Chinese gadget news site Tech.163, Apple may be in the process of developing its own smart watch that connects to your Apple devices via Bluetooth. Based on the report, Intel will be working with Apple to create the smart watch, with a 1.5-inch PMOLED display made by RiTDisplays with ITO-coated glass." It must be the holiday lull. I'm this close to putting this in the joke category.
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RE[9]: Comment by MOS6510
by zima on Mon 31st Dec 2012 00:05 UTC in reply to "RE[8]: Comment by MOS6510"
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- Cable-less charging - Kinetic charging would be nice, but it seems no smart phone does this so I guess that doesn't yield enough power. Wireless charging isn't very efficient (yet), but I do like the idea of it.

"Yet"? ...doesn't look like it can change much, physics stays the same.

But maybe kinetic charging would be enough for a simple(-ish) e-ink device - we move our hands more than pockets (where a smartphone mostly stays)

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RE[10]: Comment by MOS6510
by MOS6510 on Mon 31st Dec 2012 06:01 in reply to "RE[9]: Comment by MOS6510"
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Physics stay the same (mostly), but techniques improve and/or change. If the charging mechanism were to improve more energy could be transferred.

I have wondered about this before, why not make a phone with kinetic and solar charging? It won't be enough to actually charge it (unless you keep it in the sun for hours or run a marathon with it), but it would extend its operational window.

If I'm very busy at work and don't use my iPhone during the day it's almost still full when I get home. Add kinetic charging and I'm pretty sure it would be very close to 100% charge.

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RE[11]: Comment by MOS6510
by zima on Mon 31st Dec 2012 13:20 in reply to "RE[10]: Comment by MOS6510"
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I guess it would be just not worth the added complexity and bulk...

And physics does stay the same WRT inductive charging, don't expect many efficiency improvements (unless the phone or watch basically lays in the charger, like with Lumias)

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