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General Development Doesn't matter which OS you're running, somewhere in there, your system depends on Perl to get stuff done. Perl turned 25 years old on December 19th. Though venerable old version 5 remains the most popular, many have moved onto Perl 6, which intentionally broke compatibility and still isn't officially 'production ready.' I can't imagine administering a system without Perl though, so tonight I'm raising a glass of champagne in the direction of founder and creator Larry Wall.
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by WorknMan on Tue 1st Jan 2013 20:37 UTC
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I would have to agree wit the 'write only' sentiment. When I was messing around with it, I'd stay up til 2am or so writing code, and when I looked at it the next day, it looked like modem line noise on a terminal screen ;)

Another gripe I had with it was that the Windows extensions seemed a bit janky and poorly documented. Of course, that was years ago, so I'm sure it has improved since then.

However, I have since switched to AutoIt on Windows. It certainly doesn't have all the bells and whistles that Perl does, but for most of the stuff I was doing (usually automating some GUI task), it seemed to do about 98% of everything I needed it to do, and compiles to very small executables. It has been my primary scripting language for years now.

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RE: Heh
by crpjssssssssssssssss on Tue 1st Jan 2013 20:51 in reply to "Heh"
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That "write only" part says more about you as a programmer than the language in question.

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RE[2]: Heh
by WorknMan on Wed 2nd Jan 2013 20:51 in reply to "RE: Heh"
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That "write only" part says more about you as a programmer than the language in question.

I guess so, especially since I am not a programmer ;) Just someone who needs to write scripts from time to time.

But I have observed that blaming the programmer seems to be a defense mechanism that pundits use to defend a particular language (Java also comes to mind here). But with languages like AutoIt and Python, I can write code that I can actually read the next day, even with my current skills (or lack thereof).

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