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KDE I tend to believe that the best interfaces have already been made. Behaviourally, CDE is the best and most consistent interface ever made. It looked like ass, but it always did exactly as you told it to, and it never did anything unexpected. When it comes to looks, however, the gold standard comes from an entirely different corner - Apple's Platinum and QNX' PhotonUI. Between all the transparency, flat-because-it's-hip, and stitched leather violence of the past few years, one specific KDE theme stood alone in bringing the best of '90s UI design into the 21st century, and updating it to give everything else a run for its money. This is an ode to Christoph Feck's Skulpture.
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Could not agree more with Thom.
by MacMan on Wed 2nd Jan 2013 18:58 UTC
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Apple's Platinum, QNX's Photon, Be's Be and perhaps NeXT were the highpoint of UI widgets, everything is been downhill ever since.

I never could stand KDE because for some reason, the fonts all seem to be odd, icon spacing is odd, and everything looks like a Visual Basic form. However, the screenshots of Skulpture look very very slick. Perhaps I might even switch to Kubuntu???

Ironic now that I've finally found a Gnome 3 theme that does not suck complete ass, that being the newly updated Zukwito. Zukwito has nice sane colors, widgets look good in Eclipse, and just around is clean, simple and nice. Zukwito really should be the default Gnome theme.

Anyway, now with Skulpture, perhaps there is finally a non-ugly KDE theme and I can switch to a DE where I can OMG, ACTUALLY CONFIGURE SOMETHING WITHOUT A THIRD PARTY TOOL LIKE GNOME!

Thom, thanks for the info about Skulpture!

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The fonts I'm using are the Ubuntu fonts. They are clearly specifically designed for how fonts are rendered on Linux - they look *stunning*.

Also, I manually arrange the toolbars of every KDE application I use. Just so you know - I put time into it.

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Can the KDE toolbar be configured like the OSX / Gnome Dock so that app icon raises the app, and does NOT open a new window?

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I'd have to add the Amiga Workbench to the list of UI high points.

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