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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Expected, but still insanely cool: Canonical has just announced Ubuntu for phones. This is a new mobile phone operating system, with its own user interface and development platform. It's built around Qt5 and QML, and the interface reminds me of MeeGo on the N9. It's supposed to be on the shelves in early 2014, but the developer preview is out today.
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RE[5]: I want one!
by Nelson on Wed 2nd Jan 2013 23:50 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: I want one!"
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C# is an open specification, so are large parts of .NET.

What Google did to Oracle to Java at the LEAST is highly unethical and appalling from a company that claims to do no evil. They likely would've had an easier time working with the Mono team.

Seriously, C# is everywhere, people have been saying that Microsoft will become aggressive any day now over .NET since 2001

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RE[6]: I want one!
by shmerl on Wed 2nd Jan 2013 23:53 in reply to "RE[5]: I want one!"
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Isn't Java an open specification as well? There is OpenJDK at your service too. However Oracle still owns patents and copyrights over Java. And they didn't hesitate to assert them (even though they failed). C# is in similar situation - Microsoft owns a whole bunch of rights over it, even though there is an open spec and open implementation around. While one can win as Google did - not everyone has Google's resources to fight MS or other trolls off. Therefore it's pointless to invest in a technology with known legal risks. As I said - even if MS is calm now, they aren't exactly friendly in general, and you never know what kind of other trolls can get their rights tomorrow.

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RE[7]: I want one!
by Nelson on Wed 2nd Jan 2013 23:56 in reply to "RE[6]: I want one!"
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There's a lot of FUD around this. Microsoft has made a legally binding promise not to assert any patents related to the implementation of the ECMA standards.

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