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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless There are a lot of WebOS fans out there who regret this remarkable operating system got shelved by HP just as Android was swooping in to win the hearts and minds of developers. Is there still hope? WebOSNation reports they've got it running on Google hardware. Surely a little competition for Android isn't a bad thing?
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Bill Shooter of Bul
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I do intend to use it regularly, by trying out different operating systems/roms on it. Probably will end up going back to android, not sure yet. It would be fun to hack on something like mer. It *sounds* like they have a decent dev kit. Of course, I'll find out one way or the other. I'm fully expecting it to have the battery life of my first laptop ~1 hour or so. The real goal of my experimentation with the tablet is experimentation, but If I stumble upon a really nice productivity environment that allows the device to be efficiently used as a content creation device, well all the much better.

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