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Legal "As was widely expected, the Federal Trade Commission announced this morning that it has reached a settlement agreement with Google, bringing the commission's antitrust investigations into the search giant to a close. Two different areas of Google's business were being explored: the way it prioritized search results, and the way that Google had sought injunctions against devices that were thought to have infringed upon standards-essential patents from Motorola." Would have loved to see the FRAND system crumble, though. Let the patent mess explode - to change the system, we need disruption, not appeasement.
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RE: I think you got your wish
by linux-lover on Thu 3rd Jan 2013 21:24 UTC in reply to "I think you got your wish"
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You must be delusional to believe software patents have any benefit to the industry or that they should even be allowed.

They only allow Google, Microsoft, Apple et al. to annihilate competitors.

Any ruling that demands license fees for software will always be bullshit.

Software is written, writing is protected by copyright.
Software is at it's core is mathematics and logic, neither of which are patentable.

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Thankfully, what you think does not matter, because it runs contrast to reality.

I don't care about your philosophical views on patents, because they are largely irrelevant to this discussion. Software patents exist, and you must play by the industry rules or face the consequences.

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Industry rules, what are those? Some imaginary rules that you dreamt off last night?

Reality is that there are only government rules. We can think what we want about patents, but they are enforced by government and nobody else. No amount of reasoning will make government change the rules they see beneficial to them.

All the talk about what is fair and what is not, is waste of time. The name of the game is money and power.
The industry will play by any rules as long as they can make profit. And the government will change the rules to benefit domestic economy as much as they can (and favor domestic companies as much as they can).

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FRAND patents doesn't mean software patents. These are completely unrelated issues.

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