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Legal "As was widely expected, the Federal Trade Commission announced this morning that it has reached a settlement agreement with Google, bringing the commission's antitrust investigations into the search giant to a close. Two different areas of Google's business were being explored: the way it prioritized search results, and the way that Google had sought injunctions against devices that were thought to have infringed upon standards-essential patents from Motorola." Would have loved to see the FRAND system crumble, though. Let the patent mess explode - to change the system, we need disruption, not appeasement.
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Nokia sued Apple for SEPs and there was not a single peep.

Not really. There were a lot of peeps. It wasn't until Microsoft stepped in that things got settled. Nokia wanted access to Apple's patents in a cross-licensing deal, but Apple refused.

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If you want to claim that the "lots of peeps" regarding Nokia's SEP enforcement in the, admittedly, one area where they tried to wield them in non-FRAND fashion (demanding cross-licensing) remotely compares to the current attention Google and Samsung are receiving for their unfair practice... well, you are willfully denying the very clear reality.

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Didn't say it compared.

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