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Google So, Gingerbread has finally dropped below 50% of devices accessing Google Play. Ice Cream Sandwich has almost hit the 30%, and after six months, Jelly Bean (4.1 and 4.2) almost hit the 10%. Google's page listing these numbers is like a trainwreck in slowmotion.
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by emarkp on Fri 4th Jan 2013 00:31 UTC
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Huh? What does "trainwreck" even mean?

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RE: Trainwreck?
by WorknMan on Fri 4th Jan 2013 02:19 in reply to "Trainwreck?"
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Huh? What does "trainwreck" even mean?

It means that ICS being over a year old and only on about 30% of devices is pathetic. I have a Nexus 4 myself and am quite fond of it, but I feel sorry for the devs that have to code for this trainwreck of an OS and its myriad of devices. And don't start with the 'but it's the carriers fault' bullshit either. If that were the case, most Android tablets not sold by carriers would be running at least Jellybean 4.1 by now.

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RE[2]: Trainwreck?
by Delgarde on Fri 4th Jan 2013 03:41 in reply to "RE: Trainwreck?"
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"Huh? What does "trainwreck" even mean?

It means that ICS being over a year old and only on about 30% of devices is pathetic.

Note that this isn't talking about new phones purchased - it's about *all* Android phones in use today. And because not everyone buys a new phone every week, that means there's a *lot* of old-model phones that simply aren't capable of running newer OS versions...

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RE[2]: Trainwreck?
by geertjan on Fri 4th Jan 2013 12:32 in reply to "RE: Trainwreck?"
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I'm a developer and have developed for many (mobile) platforms, and I can tell you Android is my favorite to program for. The fragmentation problem is very much exaggerated, it's hardly worse than on iOS.

It doesn't matter if only a small percentage of users are on iOS 4, you still have to be backwards compatible. So you have the same problems on iOS.

Backwards compatibility for Android 1 was a pain in the ass though. But since Android 2 it's easy to handle. And everyone programs for Android 2.2 or higher anyway now.

So the way I see it:

- Android developers are fine with Android fragmentation.
- Average Android users are fine with Android fragmentation (don't even know what an OS is, don't care about updates).
- Advanced Android users that do care about updates can get a Nexus device.

It seems the only people whining about it are non-Android users/developers.

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RE[2]: Trainwreck?
by bassbeast on Fri 4th Jan 2013 15:09 in reply to "RE: Trainwreck?"
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Well suck it up and take it, its either this or the Apple and MSFT walled gardens...sigh. Anybody else feel like 2013 is gonna be the "year of suck" when it comes to tech?

As for why its dropped below 50% the answer is simple, the ARM chips capable of running Android 4 are now cheap enough to be in those $70 tablets. if it makes you feel any better they were showing $50 dual core tablets at the Hong Kong expo a few months back so by this time next year ARM chips will be cheap enough that they'll be able to sell Android 6 on the $50 tablets and $70 smartphones so the previous versions will die out fairly quickly.

Personally I'd rather have Android where I get a choice of devices and price points than a "choice" of an insanely overpriced Apple or a grossly insanely overpriced MSFT.

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