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Linux "Ubuntu, once the darling of desktop Linux and the overwhelmingly popular choice for newcomers, may soon lose that role to Mint." I switched to Mint KDE, and have no intention of going back. By the way, KDE4 is finally good (don't hit me, Aaron) - fast, fluid, stable, pretty, and thanks to its versatility, a joy to use after a few hours of tweaking. Just... Please, unify Plasma and the regular widget style. This is insanity.
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RE: I am not sure about the logic
by boblowski on Fri 4th Jan 2013 10:57 UTC in reply to "I am not sure about the logic"
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Those are some very valid points you make.

Personally I feel Mint is one of the most pleasant distros to use. Never gives me problems, it 'just works' out of the box. And purely from a tech-savvy end user's viewpoint, it's nice to have options.

But even for me, all the different releases they offer are confusing and the bennefits are not always clear. I had to spend a day testing both the Cinnamon and the Mate releases, just to get a feel for the differences and options. I don't think most new Linux users want to spend that kind of time. They want an OS that is 'best' and where they feel they are not left out in the cold with their questions or problems.

More importantly, from a marketing angle, I think Mint is very careless with their brand management. Their original selling point was that Mint was Ubuntu that just works, without the need for any post-installation tinkering. But they never quite managed to develop that into their own premium product. Right now Mint seems to be more like a collection of rebranded and upgraded products. A kind of Linux tuning service, if you will.

Like you, I feel Mint really should cut down the width of their offerings, and aim for a more focussed approach. Perhaps even purely concentrate on a single release (perhaps LMDE, my favourite at the moment). There are only so many disenchanted Ubuntu users you can win over...

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