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Google So, Gingerbread has finally dropped below 50% of devices accessing Google Play. Ice Cream Sandwich has almost hit the 30%, and after six months, Jelly Bean (4.1 and 4.2) almost hit the 10%. Google's page listing these numbers is like a trainwreck in slowmotion.
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RE: why upgrade?
by Moochman on Fri 4th Jan 2013 14:40 UTC in reply to "why upgrade?"
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If Joe publics email, web, phone, calendar, etc all work fine... what's the reason to upgrade, other than genuine bug fixes?

How about better user experience? Faster, more fluid performance? Support for brand-new apps that use brand-new features of the OS? ICS was a *huge* step forward in terms of the UI and in terms of developer API support in a number of areas (the new GUI widgets alone are worth switching platforms for developers).

Sometimes an upgrade is a downgrade... it arrived broken (things didn't work), unstable (things crashed/force closed) and slower (ui slower).

You're just proving that Android handset manufacturers are incompetent, not that upgrades are bad.

Is the problem really for developers - not end users. Can developers really not develop apps/websites sufficiently agnostic of the client.... client dependencies are sooo 1990s...

Um, asking users to buy a new device in order to upgrade their OS is sooo 1990s.... Everyone on every other platform *other* than Android has today come to expect free/cheap and easy upgrades *without* purchasing new hardware.

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