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Linux "Ubuntu, once the darling of desktop Linux and the overwhelmingly popular choice for newcomers, may soon lose that role to Mint." I switched to Mint KDE, and have no intention of going back. By the way, KDE4 is finally good (don't hit me, Aaron) - fast, fluid, stable, pretty, and thanks to its versatility, a joy to use after a few hours of tweaking. Just... Please, unify Plasma and the regular widget style. This is insanity.
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RE: I am not sure about the logic
by crhylove on Fri 4th Jan 2013 21:11 UTC in reply to "I am not sure about the logic"
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Ridiculous assertion. Linux Mint has 5 flavors, and one of them is the best OS I've ever used. How do the other 4 effect that? They don't.

Linux Mint 14 xfce edition is the fastest, stablest, easiest to use OS I've ever installed. I installed it on at least 20 machines over the holidays.

Not one complaint.

Not ONE.

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Because you don't know which of these 'Mints' is the good one?

Don't say well, you need to try them all to see which is the best for you, that's the kinda the point that the original poster was making.

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