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Amiga & AROS Icaros Desktop, the popular distribution of the AROS Research Operating System, has recently released its version 1.5, a new milestone since it finally allows to run classic Amiga software and games on full screen or perfectly integrating them into the host AROS desktop.
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RE[3]: Comment by lucas_maximus
by bassbeast on Sun 6th Jan 2013 03:35 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by lucas_maximus"
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You DO realize that little snarky remark made no damned sense, yes? While there is plenty of Windows specific software, especially for business, most of the big stuff like browsers and media players and the like are built for the "big three" Apple, Google/Linux, and MSFT. You are talking about a niche OS whose niche is so tiny you could fit every single user in any HS gym in the USA and still have seats left over.

NO support from ANY of the major software makers, NO software that isn't old or (badly) ported, it makes no damned sense and comparing running a joke OS to "standing up to the man" just makes you look retarded. if you have a hatred for MSFT there is Apple, Android, ChromeOS, BSD, Solarios, both open and closed and ALL OF THEM have MUCH better software libraries and MUCH better support than this thing made in Bob's basement will EVER have.

So remember the words of Tropic Thunder and try not to go full retard next time, okay?

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You are aware you're on a website called OSnews? That discusses Operatng Systems? Often the hobby 'fun' ones?

[forced analogy]That's a bit like going onto a music site and saying you don't need new bands or obscure wierd band you've never heard of because we've got the Beatles and their better than anything else, even if you've never heard it..[/forced analogy]

Actually, forget it. you've missed the point of this sort of thing by such a margin there's very little point in even trying.

But go on, feel free to insult me again.

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I wanted to give Icaros a try - downloaded Live - and only the latest menu entry allowed to boot it at all. Choosing first or second one results in complaining of my monitor: "mode not supported (H:90.1 kHz, V:60.1 Hz). Then the machine seems to be hung (had to use hardware reset). Choosing the third one shows some boot messages, but stops loading on "[packet] couldn't open bsd.handler" message. The last one booted successfully - but it looks awful, of course, in 16 colours.

It doesn't seem to be prepared to run on somewhat older hardware - most probably it requires rather recent monitors to try it. When switched to rather modern Gateway monitor, I could see boot messages in all available boot modes - still it doesn't work.

Mobo Gigabyte GA-M56S-S3, Sempron64, ATI HD5450 (Tried also with Nvidia on that second monitor).
IMHO it could be somewhat better tested before making a release, and such "demanding" graphics modes shouldn't be used for "live", where I can't tweak configuration file - since it's written on DVD-ROM. It just either will work, or not (and this time it isn't).

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And you and the guy who modded me down obviously can't seem to follow how a forum or threads work because if you could you would see I was ANSWERING A POSTER when you jumped in, going full retard I might add,by equating using a tiny niche hobbyist OS with sticking it to MSFT which makes no damned sense, okay?

As I pointed out if you wanted to "stick it to the man" you would NOT be running an incredibly niche OS with few drivers, lousy monitor support as another poster wrote, and little to no software, you would use, in no particular order, BSD, Linux, Solaris, hell there is even a flavor of OS/2 called Ecomstation and even THEY have better support!

Again try reading the thread before responding, otherwise you look foolish. I wrote that I saw NO problem in using a niche OS like Amiga for nostalgia, or because you have some favored Amiga software you want to run, hell I kept an old Win9x box for ages just for running old DOS stuff, but do NOT try to equate using an OS made by Bob in his basement to "sticking it to the man" because that is about the most stupid thing anybody could possibly say!

And no crap I know this is OSNews, which is why I listed several choices besides just Apple and MSFT, never before in history have we had so many OSes that actually support most hardware to choose from, heck you have something like 60 variants of Linux that has major support, 4 flavors of BSD, 2 kinds of Solaris, Android, ChromeOS, you got well supported choices up the behind so trying to say its Amiga or MSFT is just retarded.

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I couldn't give a damn about major proprietary software vendors. I still very much like Amiga OS and it's workings. It's fun.

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And again I covered that if you would bother reading the post you are responding to instead of going full retard all over the thread. i said if you have a case of nostalgia or have software that was Amiga specific you want to run? Go right ahead, knock thyself out. But trying to equate a hobby OS with "sticking it to the man" just makes you look either completely clueless as to the wealth of choices out there or a flag waving fanboi, so which is it?

Because I seriously doubt you will find a single sentence on the developer's website that says a damned word about "sticking it to the man" as nobody else would be making such an asinine statement, you can avoid MSFT completely with one of dozens of fully supported OSes with more software released in a month than Amiga had in a lifetime, so your statement makes no damned sense.

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