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Google So, Gingerbread has finally dropped below 50% of devices accessing Google Play. Ice Cream Sandwich has almost hit the 30%, and after six months, Jelly Bean (4.1 and 4.2) almost hit the 10%. Google's page listing these numbers is like a trainwreck in slowmotion.
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RE[4]: Trainwreck?
by bassbeast on Sun 6th Jan 2013 03:44 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Trainwreck?"
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There is a TON of the CCC (cheapo Chinese crap) out there and I have no doubt most are frankly trivial to unlock, simply because locking it would involve spending a dime and these things are all about low cost. If you are unsure about a unit just type its name and "unlock" or "sideload" into Google, I'm sure you will be able to tell pretty quickly whether you can or not.

Now if you are talking phones? That is all on the carriers, they don't want unlocked anything as they don't want to allow tethering without paying the toll so they try to make sure devices can't be unlocked. How dare you use that phone for something that you didn't pay the carrier tax upon!

Frankly I'm telling everybody just get the cheapest smartphone you can as the smartphone fad is just that, a fad, and its about to end, just as the netbook fad ended this year. The reason it'll end is the carriers care more about keeping Wall Street happy than the users so they will keep raising the prices and adding fees to the point most simply won't buy a smartphone as it'll be too expensive.

I already have several customers whose smartphones are now sitting in a drawer because the carriers made the data plans so damned high it just wasn't worth having, and as cheap but powerful tablets and WiFi hotspots continue to spring up I think the smartphone will end up being what it was originally, strictly a business tool.

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RE[5]: Trainwreck?
by zima on Wed 9th Jan 2013 20:50 in reply to "RE[4]: Trainwreck?"
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Can't agree with you there about "smartphone fad" ending like that - remember, it's happening throughout the world, also in places with more decent carriers and/or where people own their phones upfront and use prepaid. And WiFi helps smartphones, too.

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