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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y Ralf Rottmann is CTO and co-founder of the largest mobile application developer in Germany, Grandcentrix. He has more Apple devices than an Apple Store and thinks he's a fanboy - yet, he's switched to the Nexus 4 completely, stating that "the latest version of Android outshines the latest version of iOS in almost every single aspect". This line in particular rings true for me as a Windows Phone 8 and Android user: "whenever I grab my iPhone for testing purposes, iOS feels pretty old, outdated and less user friendly". This will most likely be dismissed as a troll by some, but it has to be said: iOS has become stale, bordering on being outdated, and lacks several crucial pieces of functionality, neatly detailed in Rottman's article. Apple has a lot of catching up to do, or it will be Mac OS all over again.
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RE: Openness=risk management
by ze_jerkface on Sun 6th Jan 2013 05:41 UTC in reply to "Openness=risk management"
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Sandboxing doesn't require a walled garden.

Angry Birds doesn't need to know that your contacts even exist. It could play in its own sandbox with its own segregated section of memory for external software.

Android isn't designed this way but I just wanted to make the point that sideloading can exist with proper isolation.

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