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Windows "It's taken longer than expected but it has finally happened: unsigned desktop applications run on Windows RT. Ironically, a vulnerability in the Windows kernel that has existed for some time and got ported to ARM just like the rest of Windows made this possible. MSFT's artificial incompatibility does not work because Windows RT is not in any way reduced in functionality. It's a clean port, and a good one. But deep in the kernel, in a hashed and signed data section protected by UEFI's Secure Boot, lies a byte that represents the minimum signing level." Good stuff. Very good stuff.
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Windows RT same as Windows deskop
by franko on Mon 7th Jan 2013 07:20 UTC
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So does that mean that Windows RT will be vulnerable to all the Windows virus, malware and other crap that windows catches?

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No indeed, because Windows RT is same as Windows 8, not Windows XP...

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Maybe. You might have to have two different versions of the virus x86 and arm, but they possibly could exploit the same bug in windows.

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