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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Daniel 'Codeworkx' Hillenbrand on why he's not going to work on cm10 for the Galaxy SIII anymore: "Before the release of the Samsung Galaxy S II we were promised support and devices. We received the S2 and the whole community was praising Samsung. To me, that was nothing but a good PR stunt, because there has not been even the slightest bit of support ever since. Actually Samsung vehemently refuses to hand out any information or even a single line of code to us. Our contact at Samsung seems to be willing to support us, but gets blocked by his superiors." His advice to prospective Android buyers is clear. "All manufacturers have an equally bad update policy, so if you like a Samsung device, just buy it. If you want to use AOSP or CyanogenMod on the other hand, you should stay away from Exynos devices, because they just don't meet the requirements. Instead I recommend you to buy Nexus or Qualcomm/OMAP devices that haven't been completely botched by the manufacturer."
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You apparently don't need an extra battery, yet you mentioned it just like (I suspect) most people mention it without actually needing it.

I mentioned several things, not just the stuff I *personally* desired.

And I'm not going to have the removable battery vs mobile charging device debate with you. You can argue that point with somebody who says they need one. All I know is if I had to work a lot of trade shows like CES, or had a job where I was walking around a lot, I would not want to be running around with one of these mobile chargers dangling off my phone vs just popping in a new battery. But again, since I'm not in that situation, I'm not worried about it.

But I WILL argue the LTE thing ;) A max of 3.5mbps vs the 15-20 I was getting on Verizon kind of blows whale cock, especially when tethered to a tablet or laptop. (I switched because where I work was a virtual dead zone for Verizon coverage.)

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If everybody is mentioning the battery thing, but nobody actually needs it, I think everybody should stop mentioning the battery thing. :-p

Why is 3.5 Mb/s not enough? I remember our company going from 512 kb/s to 1 Mb/s and later to 2 Mb/s. That was living the future back then. I do agree that is sucks if you can't get the maximum your device is capable of.

I don't care much for "fast" or "faster", I'd rather want to have "fast" at least available EVERYWHERE. I still come across holes in 3G coverage while people start talking about 4G/LTE. For me 3G is fast enough, I just can't get it everywhere. If those holes remain with LTE I will just have not LTE everywhere, which is really the same as not having 3G.

Also I would advice against blowing wales!!!

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