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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless This week the folks on the webOS forum got into an interesting and productive discussion about how webOS can fit into the current world where iOS and Android seem to have completely stitched up the market. Even Windows Phone 8 is having trouble getting a toe-hold! But there is hope.
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Where the Apps Are
by ricegf on Wed 9th Jan 2013 12:13 UTC
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Two types of apps are important.

"Native" apps are important for serious gaming (not Angry Birds - that plays just fine in the Chrome browser) and productivity apps. WebOS seems to be skipping these, unless I missed something.

Web apps are actually of more interest to me for casual computing. For example, even though I have the GMail app on my iPad, I more commonly load the web app in Chrome - even with the Safari engine, it just works better for me. WebOS should shine with these apps.

Overall, though, if the new Ubuntu Phone manages to launch successfully, that looks like the best fit for my use case - especially given their recent successes in attracting commercial development and support (Steam, Amazon, NetFlix, etc.). It may annoy the purists, but commercial success just drives FOSS deeper into the computing mainstream.

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